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Posted: July 19, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

If life was a game of Jenga, stress would be the act of sliding out one puzzle pieced after another, until your entire “tower of health” topples over!

Unexpected car repair bill – slide out a block. Emergency call from your kid’s school nurse – slide out another one. Slip down a few stairs – slide out three more. Before you know it, you’re one stress event away from major Jenga catastrophe… that is, unless your chiropractor reverses the momentum and adjusts those loose blocks back in, restoring stability and integrity to your health!

Stress can cause you to subluxate (misalign), and its effects are detrimental to your overall health! So don’t wait until your last Jenga stress block is pulled before seeking help. It’s far easier to keep your body standing strong with preventative chiropractic care, than to rebuild it after the collapse.

Rights and Responsibilities

Posted: July 3, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

You’re no doubt familiar with the basic human rights penned by Thomas Jefferson. Our Creator did indeed bless us with life, freedom, and the ability to pursue happiness. But when it comes to your healthcare, it’s important not to confuse rights with responsibilities. For example,


·         While you have the RIGHT to eat at any restaurant that suits your taste – you are RESPONSIBLE for choosing healthy items on the menu to fuel your body properly.

·         While you have the RIGHT to sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix all day – you are RESPONSIBLE for exercising regularly, so your body doesn’t become lethargic and sickly.

·         While you have the RIGHT to go bungee jumping, ride roller coasters or take up cage fighting – you are RESPONSIBLE for keeping your spine in alignment (free of subluxation interference), so your nerve system can clearly orchestrate all the physiological processes needed to keep you alive.


Yes we all have the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But only YOU can be held responsible for preserving and maintaining your health! Yes, your Creator gave you the breath of life, a body and an innate intelligence to govern them all. But it’s up to YOU – not your insurance company, your primary physician or your political party – to guard them well!

Unwind with Chiropractic

Posted: June 26, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Ever feel “wound up” from the stresses of life? You feel tight and distorted, like a rubber band that’s been twisted to the brink of snapping? That tension you’re feeling isn’t in your head… it’s actually in your nerve system!

Physical, chemical and emotional stresses of life can wind up negative energy in your nerve system, gradually throwing your spine and your health out of balance. Chiropractors refer to this as being in a “subluxated state.” If this pent up nerve stress isn’t released, it builds silently until it ultimately manifests as a physical illness in your body. The solution… release the tension in the rubber band before it breaks.

Chiropractic care gently removes stress from your spine and spinal cord before a critical failure can occur. In doing so, you improve the odds of your body working to its potential over the course of your life. This is one “rubber band” you need to keep untangled!

Wash Me

Posted: June 18, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

What would happen if you didn’t clean your house for a few weeks? Your furniture would get pretty dusty wouldn’t it? The same can be said for you, if the dirt in your nerve system isn’t cleaned up on a regular basis!

The “dirt” we’re talking about is Vertebral Subluxation (a Chiropractic term for nerve interference). If not cleared regularly, stress from subluxations can pile up in your nerves, causing sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue, lowered resistance, persistent pain or even anxiety.

People who keep their nerve system “tidy” with regular chiropractic care report having more energy, better recovery from injuries and an improved state of mind. If your health isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be, maybe it’s time to dust the stress off with a good adjustment. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!

The Right Key

Posted: June 4, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

You’ve tried stretching, went to physical therapy and faithfully did all the exercises they prescribed. But still your spine feels tight, rigid and locked up. In your case, Chiropractic may hold the right key!

Unlike the gross manipulative therapy done by PT’s and osteopaths, or the general movement offered by prescribed exercises, specific Chiropractic adjustments ONLY target the parts of your spine that need work. Specificity is the key to results – knowing what spinal segments to move, when to move them and how much force to use is paramount to getting a favorable outcome… and that requires a skill set taught only in a reputable Chiropractic College.

You wouldn’t use a sledge hammer to bust open your front door if the right key wasn’t handy to unlock it safely. The same goes for your spine. When it comes to unlocking a tough, painful back it’s best to seek the advice of a master spinal locksmith (a DC) who know what they’re doing. In the long run you’ll save time, money and frustration hiring the right person for the job!

No Cramming in Chiropractic

Posted: May 28, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Remember the days of pulling an “all nighter” for a major exam – trying to cram an entire semester’s worth of work in one, non-stop studying marathon? Well, you can’t get away with that when it comes to your health and chiropractic!

There are some who wish they could simply go to the chiropractor and have years of aches, pains and health issues erased in just one cram session – a chiropractic all nighter if you will. But like cramming for a test, a quick chiropractic patch job is temporary at best. Last minute adjustments for long standing problems will always yield fleeting results. It takes sustained, consistent care over time to make measurable changes to bad spines.

So if you think you can re-call a cervical lordosis or undo years of poor bio-mechanics with one 24 hour sleepless chiropractic binge, think again! There is no such thing as pulling an all nighter when it comes to getting your health and your spinal integrity back!


Chiropractically Yours,

Casanova Chiropractic



Marketing Guinea Pig

Posted: May 21, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

The scientific flip flop over what’s good for you vs. what’s bad is ever changing – and it’s far worse when it comes to medications. In fact, many drugs released as “safe” by the FDA, are found to be harmful or even deadly years after they’ve been out in the market.

Post marketing surveillance is a common practice in a drug’s approval process. Just recently, the FDA issued strong warnings against the sleeping aid Ambien (and its related generic brands which were all approved in 1992) citing cases of “…accidental over doses, falls, burns, near drowning, exposure to extreme cold temperatures leading to loss of limb, carbon monoxide poisoning, drowning, hypothermia, motor vehicle collisions with a patient driving, and self-injuries such as gunshot wounds and apparent suicide attempts.” Makes you wonder, if this drug is being considered for a “black label” dangerous warning in 2019, wasn’t it just as dangerous when it was unleashed on the masses in 1992?

We can all agree that abusing medication is outright wrong. But when you take prescriptions as directed for years, only to discover the harm they’ve inflicted after all the profits been made – then it’s YOU that is being abused. Ask yourself… are you comfortable being Big Pharma’s lab rat?


Chiropractically Yours,

Casanova Chiropractic


Watch Your Gauge

Posted: May 14, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

I’m forever reminded “…don’t let the gas gauge get to E.” Fill up when it hits a quarter left because you don’t want to run out of fuel when you need it the most – like when on the highway with a car full of kids!

Likewise, you don’t want to let your “Chiropractic gas needle” get to E before you come in for an adjustment. Some patients feel they can go several weeks or months without an adjustment because they’re cruising along, just feeling fine. Unfortunately, symptoms are the last thing to who up so 9 times out of 10, the clients fail to gauge their adjustments properly show up with some ache or pain as a reminder they’ve waited too long. And that’s not how maintenance works.

Maintaining a healthy spine is a proactive act… something you do regularly not based on how you feel, but based on what you need to stay on the road of life. The next time you wait too long for your next adjustment and experience the hurt, consider filling your chiropractic tank way before it gets seriously low again.



Chiropractically Yours,

Casanova Chiropractic

Like a Fine Wine

Posted: May 7, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

There’s an art to aging wine. The temperature of the cellar, the seal of the barrel, the exposure to proper elements – and of course, time. These factors combined, create the delicate balance needed to produce a classic vintage. Introduce stress and imbalance to that environment and you’ll end up with an inferior, worthless product.

Now consider your aging process. Are you providing your body with the elements and internal environment needed to grow finer over time? What about the amount of quality, mental impulse your body is exposed to on a daily basis – are your cells and tissues bathed with an abundance of life thriving nerve energy, or are the spinal branches of your nerve system choked by subluxations, leaving those cells to prematurely age and wither on the vine?

You have a choice of taking care of your spine and aging like a fine wine or neglecting it and degenerating into a weaker, less palatable version of yourself. Vintage health is a product of choice nutrition, proper exercise and of course – regular Chiropractic care!



Chiropractically Yours,

Casanova Chiropractic


Playing With Stress

Posted: April 30, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

According to Dr. Hans Selye, the father of stress and disease theories, "it’s not stress that kills, it’s our reaction to it.” In essence, your health is influenced more by your inability to manage the tensions of life rather than avoiding them all together.

Our bodies take external stresses, (like money fears, conflict with family members or disappointments) and internalize them like a smoldering fire that slowly consumes our health. Smaller flames can be managed if dealt with in healthful manners, like routinely exercising and meditating. But failure to address those smaller flames causes them to grow out of control…eventually burning down the most important structure you’ll ever live in – your body!

It’s impossible to extinguish all the stress in your life. Something negative in your outer environment will always threaten your internal one. The best you can do is to mitigate the influence – and one great way is to keep your nerve system strong and clear with regular chiropractic care to avoid getting burned!



Chiropractically Yours,

Casanova Chiropractic