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Solid Foundation

Posted: November 28, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky


Structures built on strong foundations last. The same goes for your health. If you want a healthy body for life, you need to build it on a solid foundation of health care that will support it for a lifetime!

Chiropractic’s foundation is its Principle – a belief that we all possess an intelligent, vitalistic force within that maintains our existence and keeps our bodies working in perfect order. When this power is allowed to express itself 100%, health supports us. When the power is interfered with, we succumb to dis-ease! Eating properly is important, as is exercise… but if the power that holds your body together doesn’t flow, the most important house you live in will crumble!

Health built on a foundation of drug therapy is risky and doesn’t stand for long. Health built on a foundation that supports the innate wisdom of the body can weather any storm. What foundation is your health built on?



Posted: November 20, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky


It's Thanksgiving time, and in staying with custom, we’d like to share with you a

few things we are truly grateful for this year. Here’s a short list…..


We’re thankful for Subluxation free spines, slippery joints and healthy sagittal

curves. Supple muscles with elastic stretchiness. Patent nerve systems, through

which the power of innate intelligence flows, coordinating all the functions that

support Life. An abundance of trusted referrals, standing room only orientations

and miracle testimonials. We’re especially grateful for our Principle, and the

many lifes that have been saved by its faithful application.


But most of all we’re thankful for all our patients, staff and ChiropracTIC fanatics.

worldwide who, through their trust and unrelenting desire to advance Life, have

come to appreciate these small things as well. Our practice is nothing without you

our Chiropractic family. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, above down, inside and out.

Control, Alt, Adjust

Posted: November 13, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky



If you’ve ever had to reboot your computer after the hard drive froze, you’re familiar with hitting Control+Alt+Delete to get things running again. Well your human computer, or Nerve System, works in a similar way.

Your Nerve System (consisting of the brain, brain stem, spinal cord and nerves) is vulnerable to daily living. It picks up unsolicited physical, chemical and emotional stress (like spyware) which causes your body to slow down, run sluggish and at times “freeze up.”

Getting an adjustment is like hitting Control+Alt+Delete. It clears your Nerves of unwanted stress and reboots your human computer so it can run like new again. That means more energy, better sleep and improved physical function in you daily life!


Daylight Subluxation Time

Posted: November 6, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky


What does turning your clocks back and subluxations have in common? Both leave you with less LIGHT – get it! The primary purpose of Chiropractic is to locate and correct subluxations! If you break the word down you get:


SUB = less, LUX = light, and ATION = a state or condition of.


Subluxation literally means a state of less “light” or energy caused when misaligned spinal bones restrict the flow of impulses through the nerve system. A Chiropractic adjustment corrects this misalignment, eases pressure off the nerves and extends the time life energy flows through you – giving you more opportunity to heal!

Even though it will be getting darker earlier now, remember your innate healing “light” shines for hours after every adjustment you receive. Fall back into a heathy routine with Chiropractic!