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Posted: December 11, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky

Clark Griswold stands with bated breath and extension cord in hand as a childlike

giddiness over takes him. The family drum roll commences, he makes the

anticipated electrical connection and VOILA... nothing happens.


Clark has a power problem. Although the extension cords are all connected and

each individual Christmas light has been inspected with precision, he's still not

connected to the source. It isn't until his wife 'adjusts' the switch in the garage

and turns the MAIN Power on that the light show begins. She'd actually make a 

good Chiropractor!


If your wiring is connected and your body parts have all been dutifully inspected 

by the best doctors in the world, you still won't function to your potential if you're

not connected 100% to your source...the Life sustaining Power that flows from

your Nerve System. Make sure you and your family stay connected to it with

regular Chiropractic care during this bustling holiday season


Posted: December 4, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky

You walk into your Chiropractor's office, hop on the table and point to where it

hurts. But the Chiropractor adjusts a totally different part of your spine...not

even close to where you feel the pain. Why is that?


There's an old saying that goes when you step on a dog's tail, it barks out the 

other end. In Chiropractic, that means where you hurt (the bark) isn't necessarily 

where the problem is (the tail). Many times the symptom you feel in one area is

due to a remote cause. For example, someone with sciatica may feel pain down

their leg, but the cause of the problem is a Vertebral Subluxation  in their spine.


Chiropractors recognize that if you address the cause of the symptoms, the body

will no longer have a need to produce it. That's why Chiropractors focus on fixing

underlying problems and not superficial effects. Chasing after symptoms is like a 

dog chasing its own tail - spinning around and around until it gets dizzy, confused

and frustrated. It's much smarter to address the underlying cause from the start.