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Posted: December 4, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky

You walk into your Chiropractor's office, hop on the table and point to where it

hurts. But the Chiropractor adjusts a totally different part of your spine...not

even close to where you feel the pain. Why is that?


There's an old saying that goes when you step on a dog's tail, it barks out the 

other end. In Chiropractic, that means where you hurt (the bark) isn't necessarily 

where the problem is (the tail). Many times the symptom you feel in one area is

due to a remote cause. For example, someone with sciatica may feel pain down

their leg, but the cause of the problem is a Vertebral Subluxation  in their spine.


Chiropractors recognize that if you address the cause of the symptoms, the body

will no longer have a need to produce it. That's why Chiropractors focus on fixing

underlying problems and not superficial effects. Chasing after symptoms is like a 

dog chasing its own tail - spinning around and around until it gets dizzy, confused

and frustrated. It's much smarter to address the underlying cause from the start.

Solid Foundation

Posted: November 28, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky


Structures built on strong foundations last. The same goes for your health. If you want a healthy body for life, you need to build it on a solid foundation of health care that will support it for a lifetime!

Chiropractic’s foundation is its Principle – a belief that we all possess an intelligent, vitalistic force within that maintains our existence and keeps our bodies working in perfect order. When this power is allowed to express itself 100%, health supports us. When the power is interfered with, we succumb to dis-ease! Eating properly is important, as is exercise… but if the power that holds your body together doesn’t flow, the most important house you live in will crumble!

Health built on a foundation of drug therapy is risky and doesn’t stand for long. Health built on a foundation that supports the innate wisdom of the body can weather any storm. What foundation is your health built on?



Posted: November 20, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky


It's Thanksgiving time, and in staying with custom, we’d like to share with you a

few things we are truly grateful for this year. Here’s a short list…..


We’re thankful for Subluxation free spines, slippery joints and healthy sagittal

curves. Supple muscles with elastic stretchiness. Patent nerve systems, through

which the power of innate intelligence flows, coordinating all the functions that

support Life. An abundance of trusted referrals, standing room only orientations

and miracle testimonials. We’re especially grateful for our Principle, and the

many lifes that have been saved by its faithful application.


But most of all we’re thankful for all our patients, staff and ChiropracTIC fanatics.

worldwide who, through their trust and unrelenting desire to advance Life, have

come to appreciate these small things as well. Our practice is nothing without you

our Chiropractic family. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, above down, inside and out.

Control, Alt, Adjust

Posted: November 13, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky



If you’ve ever had to reboot your computer after the hard drive froze, you’re familiar with hitting Control+Alt+Delete to get things running again. Well your human computer, or Nerve System, works in a similar way.

Your Nerve System (consisting of the brain, brain stem, spinal cord and nerves) is vulnerable to daily living. It picks up unsolicited physical, chemical and emotional stress (like spyware) which causes your body to slow down, run sluggish and at times “freeze up.”

Getting an adjustment is like hitting Control+Alt+Delete. It clears your Nerves of unwanted stress and reboots your human computer so it can run like new again. That means more energy, better sleep and improved physical function in you daily life!


Daylight Subluxation Time

Posted: November 6, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky


What does turning your clocks back and subluxations have in common? Both leave you with less LIGHT – get it! The primary purpose of Chiropractic is to locate and correct subluxations! If you break the word down you get:


SUB = less, LUX = light, and ATION = a state or condition of.


Subluxation literally means a state of less “light” or energy caused when misaligned spinal bones restrict the flow of impulses through the nerve system. A Chiropractic adjustment corrects this misalignment, eases pressure off the nerves and extends the time life energy flows through you – giving you more opportunity to heal!

Even though it will be getting darker earlier now, remember your innate healing “light” shines for hours after every adjustment you receive. Fall back into a heathy routine with Chiropractic! 

Scary is Being....

Posted: October 30, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky




Are you an overly stressed person? Is anxiety a perpetual state of your being? Unfortunately, that constant fear of what’s lurking in the closet can be creating the chronic pain you’re experiencing in your body right now!


According to HANS Selye MD, well known author of the Stress of Life, occasional anxious moments elicit a reflex stress response in our bodies. However, prolonged and constant levels of anxiety can cause an OVER reaction. Your muscles become so hypertonic, they unintentionally lock your spine out of alignment – creating posture distortions, chronic immobility and potential nerve damage (a.k.a subluxations). That’s how constant FEAR causes constant PAIN.


Nothing is scarier than living in a perpetual, subluxated state. If you know someone who’s suffering with chronic stress, anxiety and pain, tell them how Chiropractic care can potentially pull them from the darkness of dis-ease into the light of health and happiness. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Fox in the Hen House

Posted: October 23, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky


You wouldn’t contract a burglar to install your home security system. Nor would you hire a child abuser to babysit your kids. So what confidence would you have in a drug company solving the greatest pharmaceutical induced addiction crisis in our communities today? 

In perhaps the most egregious example of “the fox guarding the hen house,” the maker of OxyContin just procured a drug patent to treat the very opioid addiction it created in the first place. Seems Purdue Pharma has no qualms adding MORE chemicals to the mix, even after being named in multiple lawsuits for allegedly fueling the opioid epidemic in the first place!

You can’t solve a problem (let alone a national crisis) with the same philosophy that created it. Better health through better chemistry is a flawed approach – and our country’s problem with prescription pain killers is just one tragic result of it. More drugs to clean up an already out of control drug problem… sounds Oxy-Moronic doesn’t it?

Diagnose and Diagnose-er

Posted: October 16, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky


The word diagnosis derives from the Latin “di” which means two, and “agnosis” which means without knowledge. So you can say a diagnosis is a meeting of two minds that don’t have a clue about what’s going on – not very comforting if it’s a team of doctors trying to figure out what’s wrong with you!

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed some rather shocking numbers about physicians’ diagnostic accuracy and confidence (1). Turns out the 118 MDs who participated in the study were right only 55% of the time on easy cases and 6% on the tough ones. Even more surprising, an earlier Pew Survey (2) showed that patients were 41% accurate in their own self-diagnosis from on-line resources, giving them a statistical advantage over their more “learned” MD counterparts.

So the question is, do we really have a “health crisis” in this country, or is it just an “over diagnosis” problem – a system clogged with people lead to believe they have pressing healthy issues when in fact they don’t? When it comes to knowing what ails you, two heads aren’t necessarily better than one. Maybe it’s smarter to just trust the REAL doctor inside you!

(1)  JAMA – Physicians’ Diagnostic Accuracy, Confidence, and Resource Requests Nov 2013, Meyer et al

           (2) Pew Research Internet Project – Health Online 2013, Fox et al



It's not the Weather

Posted: October 9, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky

Knee sore on Monday… creaky back on Tuesday… congested on Wednesday – there must be bad weather in the forecast. How many people do you know who attribute their aches and pains to what’s going on outside, instead of trying to find and fix the real problem INSIDE! 


When your body responds negatively to every change in environment, the problem isn’t the weather – most likely you’re breaking one or more of the cardinal rules of Health. Proper nourishment, full body motion, adequate rest and internal cleanliness aren’t cliché healthy needs. Practicing these basic habits enables your body to thrive amid the stresses it experiences every day. Fail to eat right and your body won’t resist the elements. Fail to move your joints fully and even the barometric pressure of weather will wear them down. Now you’ve become a victim of your environment, instead of being a master of it!


If weather was the real culprit of your aches and pains, wouldn’t EVERYONE around you feel the same thing? We all share the same atmosphere! Instead of blaming the elements, strengthen your nerve system, move your body and build up your innate ability to adapt to whatever Mother Nature throws your way!



Subtract for Health

Posted: October 2, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky

New trends in intermittent fasting and time restricted eating have taken the stage as holistic techniques that not only help with weight loss, but can restore entire physiologic systems of your body. It’s reported in the medical journal Cell Stem Cell that restricting all food intake (aside from water) for 3 days can actually reset a damaged immune system.


Where medicine’s approach to health favors addition – more prescriptions, more procedures, more therapies – studies like the one above support the concept that “less is better” when it comes to restoring health and maintaining it for a lifetime. Many health issues resolve not because of what you ADD to our body, but because of the bad stuff you SUBTRACT from it… and Chiropractors have been leading the charge of “subtracting for better health” since its inception!


On top of your list of “subtractions” should be the regular detection and elimination of spinal subluxations – the subtle nerve disturbances that throw your body out of balance and put you in a state of dis-ease. That, in combination with healthy caloric restriction methods like intermittent fasting, can reset your body and our health back to factory settings!