Casanova Chiropractic Cares

At Casanova Chiropractic we strongly believe in the importance of community outreach programs and partnerships. We believe that we have a social responsibility to give back and contribute to the development and improvement of, not only Ottawa, but the entire region as well.


Casanova Chiropractic supports several worthwhile organizations in the community through our Casanova Chiropractic Gives Back program. Each patient in our office that completes their initial care plan has the option to donate the cost of their re-exam to a charity in Ottawa. We began this program in May of 2018 and are excited to be able to continually support these groups who are doing such valuable work. The charities that we support with this program are



We would like to thank the following people for their participation in this program!

Bradley Johnson

Luke Johnson

Mary Beth Hoffman

Linda Carretto

Aubrey Bruck

Kelly Peterson

Joni Jacob

Emily Kleidon

Allison Perez

Patti Boe

​​​​​​​Nancy Koppen

​​​​​​​Aubrey Bruck

Kelly Kennedy

Doreen Dobberstein

​​​​​​​Barry Baxter

Courtney Johnson

Jessica Solomon

Crystal Geiger

Kathy Smith

Jeremy Dosek


Run For The Fallen

In June 2018, we had the honor to adjust someone who is participating in a very special journey. 

This is Laura from Arizona who stopped in our office today for a much needed chiropractic adjustment. Laura is with the Run for the Fallen organization.

April 4 through August 5, 2018 from Fort Irwin, Ca to Arlington National Cemetery, these dedicated individuals are blazing a Tribute Trail across our nation, spanning 6000 miles over 19 states in 5 months! They are individually recognizing nearly 20,000 fallen service members since the USS Cole.

Team members mark each mile with an American flag and biographical sign card in an apolitical reflection of remembrance of each life lost.

This year makes the 10 anniversary of this awesome organization since starting in 2008!

Thank you to Laura and the others in your organization for letting us be a small part in your journey.

In May 2017, we were also pleased to make a $1,000 contribution to Ottawa Friendship House!

(pictured: Dr. Brett Casanova, Cheri Matteson and Dr. Janet Casanova)

In 2017, Casanova Chiropractic celebrated our 10 year anniversary. In honor of our anniversary, Dr.Brett and Dr. Janet Casanova toured and presented a check for $1,000 to Ottawa Friendship House!

Dr. Brett is also proud to be a Pioneer Regent of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC..

The Board of Regents provides for the advancement of Sherman College. Its members have been a major source of funding for the college annual fund since its inception in 1977. Regents are leaders in the profession and participate in activities that give visibility and stature to Sherman College. Whether through speaking engagements, legislative roles, student referrals, or financial support, regents are an effective and vital group.

She is also a member of the college's ROAR program. The Sherman College of Chiropractic Reach Out and Recruit (ROAR) Program is designed to mentor and inspire the next generation of chiropractors.  We’re introducing students to an amazing career – serving in a health field, helping people with a natural approach to health, and making a difference in the lives of others.  Our members span the entire globe and all have two things in common – their love for Sherman and chiropractic!