Patient Testimonials

In 2017, we debuted a new program as Casanova Chiropractic: our Hall of Fame! We realized that after 10 years in Ottawa we had so many wonderful, long term patients that we wanted to recognize and this was the best way to do it. Each member of our Hall of Fame receives a variety of gifts to recognize them for their dedication to our office, but also to Chiropractic. Thank you to everyone who has chose us to be their Chiropractors! 


Maureen first came to Casanova Chiropractic with chronic neck and low back pain. Since she began care with us she reports that she has “very little pain” and her “symptoms have greatly improved”. She chooses to make Chiropractic care a part of her lifestyle because she feels it improves her overall healthy and keeps her able to do all of the things that she needs and loves to do without difficulty. She thinks “everyone should try it (Chiropractic care). It can only help and I think many would be surprised by the results. We are so happy to help Maureen do the things she loves!


Kathleen came to us with neck stiffness and constant discomfort and pain. Since getting adjusted on a regular basis, she has noticed less neck pain, less “crunching” and she has more movement in her neck. She decided to try Chiropractic care before considering any kind of surgical treatment and she is so glad she did because she now reports that “it works!” Thank you Kathleen for trusting us with your Chiropractic care!


Sean first came to us because his infant daughter was a patient and he found Dr. Brett and Dr. Jan to be super nice and very efficient. Sean now notices that he no longer as a head tilt, he feels that his whole body moves better and he has less headaches. He makes Chiropractic a part of his lifestyle because he now realizes that Chiropractic is more than just getting your back cracked and it can greatly improve your overall health. Sean thinks everyone should know that “these ladies are awesome! And they do good work!


Della first came to Casanova Chiropractic because of social media! When she began care she didn’t really have any specific complaints, she just wanted to improve her overall health. She now reports that she is able to reach higher, she can go up and down stairs easier, and has better overall mobility. She thinks everyone should know that “aches and pains don’t have to be ‘gotten used to’ because of age”!!


When we met Katrina she had sever lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and was unable to sit or stand for any length of time She is now able to do all of those things with a lot less pain. She thinks people should make Chiropractic care a part of their life because “it works” She also thinks people should know that at Casanova Chiropractic it is a “care, friendly environment where health and how you feel is the utmost importance”. Thank you so much Katrina!  


Rhonda started her Chiropractic Care after 3 other family members showed great improvement in their health from visits at Casanova Chiropractic.

Rhonda was suffering with hip pain when she first came to see us. Since starting her Chiropractic Care she has experienced decreased muscle fatigue, decreased low back pain, and decreased hip pain!

Rhonda makes Chiropractic a part of her healthy lifestyle because “it is part of being a well oiled machine! Having regular chiropractic care makes body systems function more optimally."

Rhonda and her family are living the healthy chiropractic life. Thank you for understanding that continually seeing your chiropractor will give your body a healthy way to fight illness and symptoms!

Katie and Randy Tarr

Randy and Katie Tarr along with their young children Evelyn and Wyatt strongly understand that Chiropractic Care is for the whole family!

Katie started her journey with us due to a common complaint of back pain. Since starting her care plan she has improved back pain, an improved immune system and less sinus infections. 

Randy and Katie make Chiropractic Care a part of a healthy lifestyle for their children and themselves. She also brings Evelyn and Wyatt to improve their immune and nervous systems. 

Katie says “Chiropractic Care is the best way to PREVENT illness and disease. Medications are only treating the symptoms. Chiropractic care treats so much more than pain.” 

Thank you to the Tarr family for your kind words and for educating your family and other families with the knowledge of whole family healthy Chiropractic Care!

Katie is a special person who has done so much for kids in our area with her own work but also through encouraging other parents to bring their babies and kids in to get their atlas adjusted.

Robert and Tami

Tami Huftel​ first came into Casanova Chiropractic with a lack of energy and many headaches. Since starting a chiropractic care plan her headaches have slowly improved, she has more energy and feels better overall.

I have made chiropractic care a part of my healthy lifestyle because I have to stay “on top” of what has been going on in my neck for years. I don’t want to go back to how I felt before starting at Casanova Chiropractic. Although I came to Casanova Chiropractic for help with the symptoms I used to have, I ended up getting far more help with everything.

One of the side effects of a clear Atlas is improved overall health. So whenever I don’t feel right I head to Dr. Jan and Dr. Brett to make sure my Atlas is clear and my nervous system is functioning normally!

Robert started his journey with a referral from another one of our patients.

Since starting his care plan his overall health has improved and it has resulted in less stress in his life. Just like his new bride, Tami, chiropractic care has become a healthier way to relieve stress and keeping my nervous system clear keeps me more relaxed.

"Casanova Chiropractic gives great, friendly care, and easy to schedule appointments. I have met the two most laid back heartwarming Dr’s."

 Congratulations and best wishes from our office to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koppen!!!

Bob and Gayle

Bob and Gayle Wilson, our next Hall of Fame couple, are this week's story!
Gayle was looking for relief from back and leg pain when she chose Casanova Chiropractic. When asked to share her story she wrote that she can move and walk better then she has in 8 years.

She continues her Chiropractic Care plan because it has improved her life and health. She feels “Dr. Brett and Dr. Jan genuinely care about each and every one of us and only wants to improve our health.”

Bob started his Chiropractic Care plan after seeing the improvement in his wife and daughter’s life and health. Bob was having back issues at the start of his care and just like his wife Gayle his life is now pain free and continues to be with continuously keeping up to date with appointments that keeps his Atlas aligned. 

This is a 3 generation family that are living the Chiropractic life!

Pat and Clyde

Pat and Clyde are our next Hall of Fame couple! 

Pat first came into the office with scoliosis and arthritics thumbs. Her hands hurt so much the medical doctors were recommending surgery. Pat wanted to try chiropractic care on her hands as a healthier option. By following through with her Chiropractic Care plan she was able to avoid surgery and has full use of her thumbs and hand. Pat calls her care plan “her body tune up”.

Her husband Clyde also comes into the office for his “tune up”. He also knows that chiropractic care needs to be continual for a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you both for letting us keep your motor running!


Peg started coming to Casanova Chiropractic because of back problems that she was having. That has been almost 4 years ago. Peg says “the Doctors are very patient and answer all of my questions. I have had a very good experience and feel like the regular adjustments help me immensely.” Thank you so much Peg!

Sarah and Ernie

Sarah and Ernie Manz are another of our husband and wife teams that come into our office! 

Sarah first came into the office with low back pain. Since starting, and routinely following her Chiropractic Care plan she has better movement and can get around better daily with less pain. 

Ernie saw the improvement in his wife’s health and started his own routine Chiropractic Care plan.

They would like everyone reading this to know that you will have “Chiropractor’s that care about their patients well being at Casanova Chiropractic.”

Thank you Sarah and Ernie. 

Keith and Sherri

The story we are sharing this week is from Sherri and Keith Countryman.
Sherri was recommended to our office by her sister after a car accident that resulted in severe back pain that she thought was going to be a life time of chronic back pain. By following a healthy Chiropractic Care plan she now lives a better quality of life. Sherri has tried other Chiropractic doctors and care, but believes the Atlas focus our office provides is the key to health.

Sherri recommended her husband Keith to our office due to his job and active lifestyle. He too follows a weekly Atlas Chiropractic Care plan. Per Keith, his body feels better after his visit and he feels very welcome in our office.

Keith and Sherri would like others to know that “Dr. Janet and Dr. Brett Casanova are two caring people who have chosen a career they are passionate about because they believe in the healing of Chiropractic Care and want to share it with every person that walks through their door.”

Trisha and Tony

Trisha started in our office with back pain and headaches during a pregnancy. Since starting her Chiropractic Care plan she no longer has these symptoms. She likes the healthy lifestyle without medication chiropractic care provides.

Anthony Johnson, her husband could not walk very long or stand up straight without a lot of pain before starting and maintaining his Chiropractic Care plan.He now can walk standing up straight without pain and his sleeping has improved! He always feels better after his office visit. He stated he heard people say that chiropractic does not work, but he knows this to be untrue

Trisha was asked what would she tell others about Casanova Chiropractic and chiropractic in general. Trisha said “These ladies are awesome! They are so friendly, helpful, and fun! I think everyone should try chiropractic care before a medical doctor. A lot of issues can be cleared up with chiropractic care instead of getting medication for treating pain symptoms.”

Thank you for those kind words Trisha and how you understand that Chiropractic Care works. We think your family is awesome!

Rich and Janie

Janie and Rich Larson first came into the office with neck and back pain. Janie had back surgery in 2005 and knew that chiropractic care needed to be mandatory for her overall health and spine stability. She is able to walk with more stability and is even race walking again! 

Rich has better energy, strength, flexibility and makes chiropractic care a part of his healthy lifestyle.

Janie states “chiropractic care helps overall health and can help other health issues that you wouldn’t know it could”.

Kim and Ryan

Ryan first came into the office several years ago with lower back pain that included numbness and pain down his left leg. He followed through with his care plan and the numbness and pain went away.

His wife Kim was having hip pain last year so she also became a patient when she saw the difference in Ryan. It became a family affair when their teenage son David was playing football and experienced back pain.

During the course of his care he got a concussion during a game. Following the concussion he began experiencing headaches, which the MD told him could take up to a year to resolve, but with Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic care, he began feeling relief within a matter of weeks! Chiropractic care became a routine part of their healthy lifestyle and they no longer walk around in constant pain.

In the McLennan family's words “ Everyone should try it!”

Mike and Jennifer

Jennifer first came into the office with shoulder pain and headaches. Since making regular adjustments a part of her life style to keep healthy, her everyday pains are almost non-existent and the frequency of headaches has decreased tremendously. 

Jennifer’s husband Mike wanted a natural, healthy remedy for the numbness in his arms while driving. He now comes into the office twice a month and no longer has numbness or pain without taking a pill for it.

“Regular adjustments are a must and Casanova Chiropractic is the best place to come for these adjustments. They are always smiling and make you feel truly cared for” Thank you for the kind words Jennifer and Mike!

Jim and Dolores

Jim first came to us because of a referral who explained to Jim that Dr. Brett and Dr. Jan are gentle. Dolores first came to us because Jim had been coming. Since starting chiropractic care, Jim has remarked, "I continue my regular duties." Since starting chiropractic care, Dolores has remarked, "It feels good after I get adjusted." According to Dolores, she makes chiropractic care a part of her healthy lifestyle because, "it makes me feel good."According to Jim, he makes chiropractic care a part of her healthy lifestyle because, " I have to do it to keep going." Jim would like others to know, "In general, Casanova Chiropractic helps you to function daily. They do it in a gentle manor. Dolores would like others to know, " Casanova Chiropractic is a great twosome, and they make us feel welcome."


Doris first came to us because of the need for a new Chiropractor. Since starting chiropractic care with us, Doris has remarked, "My back is much better." According to Doris, she makes chiropractic care a part of her healthy lifestyle because of, "It makes me feel better." Doris would like other to know, "Chiropractic care improves your health."


Phyllis has been a dedicated patient of ours for many years. Phyllis first came to us because of a referral from a close friend for her "back and hip pain." Since starting chiropractic care, Phyllis has remarked, "I can't tell you how much better I feel. I couldn't do without (Chiropractic care). According to Phyllis, she makes chiropractic care a part of her healthy lifestyle because, "I feel so much better all over." Phyllis would like others to know, " I have been to other Chiropractors without the same success I have had with Casanova Chiropractic. Love them!"


Carol first came to us because of a referral from a close friend. Since starting chiropractic care, Carol has remarked, "I am feeling wonderful, and I don't take any medicine for my arthritis anymore." According to Carol, she makes chiropractic care a part of her healthy lifestyle because of, "The way it makes me feel. I am aging gracefully, and I hardly ever have anymore pain. Dr. Jan and Dr. Brett are wonderful, caring caregivers, and I am blessed to have them in my life." Carol would like other to know, " I tell everyone how wonderful I feel and about atlas adjustments. As Dr. Jan says, if your atlas is out of line, your whole body is from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet."


Imogene has been a patient of ours since we opened! This means so much to us! Imogene first came to us because of our newspaper advertisement. Imogene loves to work outside in her yard and around the house. Chiropractic care keeps her able bodied and allows for her to continue doing the physical activities she loves. According to Imogene, "I cannot live without chiropractic" She would like others to know, that chiropractic makes you feel so much better when you have regular adjustments.


Congratulations to our 1st hall of famer - Carol Anderson!!! Carol has been a patient of ours for years! Carol first came to us because of back and leg pain. Since starting chiropractic care, Carol's health has improved by "decreasing headaches" and "helping with my back problems." According to Carol, she would like others to know, that chiropractic should be tried before drugs and surgery.