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Accurately assess your condition with X-Rays and/or TYTRON thermographic image scanning


  • X-Ray 

  • Tytron Thermography

The Tytron accurately scans the full spine or upper cervical area in approximately 15 seconds. Scanning a patient is so easy to complete that many doctors will scan the patient both pre-adjustment and post-adjustment. Each scan is automatically added to the patients file allowing you to maintain a complete history of all office visits.

Not only does the Tytron prove to be an indispensable clinical tool, it's versatility expands into a great patient education tool. The visual imaging aspect of the Tytron enhances and increases opportunity for patients to engage and participate in their health care. The Tytron is also extremely portable making it an ideal companion whether out at health fairs, house calls, screenings, or other community events. The Tytron not only helps you draw interest at these events, it helps you turn them into loyal patients.


Spinal Adjustments

We perform specific adjustments of your atlas and full spine so you can live your life to your optimal potential!

What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care?

The words “Upper Cervical” refer to the first two bones in the neck. They are very unique vertebrae, vastly different than the other 23 bones comprising the spinal column. In fact, they have special names. While most people understand the common letter and number system for the vertebrae of the spinal column, the first bone has a particular name, The Atlas. The second bone is referred to as The Axis. These two vertebrae are the only two vertebrae between which there is NO DISC. The absence of the intervertebral disc allows for a greater range of motion. Because of this increased range of motion, these segments are much more likely to misalign, causing nervous system interference at the level of the brain stem. The misaligned segments are identified through the use of specialized Chiropractic spinography. Because the misalignment is very slight (measured in millimeters) it is very important that precise x-ray equipment is used.

Computer Infrared Thermography

As we discussed above, this nervous system interference can be detected through the use of Computer Infrared Thermography. Thermography (temperature measurement) has been used for thousands of years to diagnose the sick. In modern times new medical breakthroughs have allowed us to further understand the link between thermal imbalances and nervous system dysfunction. For this reason we utilize thermographic scans both pre- and post-adjustmentIt is of absolute importance that the patient understands that results do not come from the adjustments themselves, but rather from the patient achieving a healthy and fully functioning nervous system. For that reason, we utilize thermography to indicate when nervous system interference is present, and therefore, whether or not the patient needs an adjustment. Furthermore, thermography is utilized post-adjustment to be sure that the proper adjustment has been made and that nervous system interference has been reduced or eliminated. There is no radiation used with thermography. 

Upper Cervical Specific Adjustment

Finally, an Upper Cervical Specific Adjustment is made to the misaligned segments. This is a quick, gentle, impulse-type thrust applied to the upper part of the neck. It is safe for patients of all ages. We have experience applying the adjustment to patients ranging in age from 1 day to 95 years old! Following the post-adjustment recuperation, the patient is scanned with the infrared thermography one last time before going home.